I don’t know how,

I don’t have the money,

I don’t have the time,

It’s too hard,

I’m too tired,

It’s too cold,

I give up too easily so I might as well not bother…


Does this sound familiar? I know it does because I have used all of these excuses and atleast 10 more! We constantly complain about our health, how overweight we are, that we have no energy but yet we continue to find excuses. Throw your excuses in the bin and get your mind going in the right direction! Everytime you give yourself a reason why you can’t do it, counter that negative self talk and give yourself atleast 2 reasons why you can.


Repeat after me:


I am strong

I am capable

I deserve to be healthy and energetic

I can learn how to eat better

I love my body

I can make better choices

I have got what it takes


Yes you do!


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