Hi Banters! In today’s post, I want to share something exciting with you! So it’s 2020 and everyone has set their new year’s resolutions, besides for myself ofcourse. It is well into the year and I haven’t done so as yet, but I haven’t given up on the thought as yet.

I decided to do something different this year because I took some time to reflect and I thought about the things that I really wanted to achieve and one of the things that I wanted to do quite some time back  already when I started this channel, was to share my banting journey and I haven’t done so yet.

So after the holidays, I think quite a few of us have packed on a couple of kilo’s and are most probably trying to shed those kilo’s now for our new year’s resolutions, I am definitely one of them. So over the next 30 days, I will be doing a vlog series for you guys where I will be sharing my real life banting experience in vlog style.

I will be telling you what I am having for breakfast, lunch and supper and anything inbetween, my mood for that day and any side effects that I am experiencing. I am going to be sharing all of that with you guys. I would totally love if you could join me on this 30 day journey. I would love to have you guys commenting down below and telling me what you are eating, and how you are feeling and what kind of circumstances you are experiencing whether you are struggling financially or whether you are a working mum? I think that is what makes it helpful and inspirational when we all see that we can actually achieve this no matter what our circumstances are. Also, the nice thing about it is that we also have a sense of accountability when we do it together and just a sense of knowing that someone else out there is miserable with me or we are achieving together and we are motivating each other. I think it would be really lovely guys, so please do join me for the 30 days, I would totally love to have you here.

Anyhow, the reason I decided to do this vlog was because when I discovered banting a few years ago and even today when I scroll through Facebook and I look at the different groups, I see people posting their before and after photos, but I don’t really see anyone posting the struggle. You do hear about the struggle, but you don’t actually get a real view and real sense of what that person has actually gone through, and for that reason, I really wanted to share this weight loss journey with you guys.

If I think about about my mother and my aunts and how they struggled to lose weight, I think that we are so fortunate in our generation to have received this gift of banting. They have tried so many diets and here we have banting and it is a solution. We have something that actually, really, really works!

So, I am super excited to start this banting vlog for you guys. Please join me and please look out for the videos. I will be posting shortly and I would really, really love to have you guys here!