So we are officially one week into banting and as tons of people have experienced, the first week is always the toughest. There was a lot of cheating involved thanks to a lovely bar one cake that was in the kitchen. The darn thing kept calling my name and I started getting irritated. The more I ignored it, the louder it called. So I had to eat it up so that it would stop calling me lol. I tried so hard to fight the cravings but it is tough especially when nobody else in your family is interested in eating healthy!

I think by day four I was actually okay as most of the cravings had subsided.  There was one particular day that I felt quite dizzy and I have also been experiencing some headaches. I also had my period and the weather was unbearably hot this past week so it all may have contributed to that.

I exercised just once during the week for about 30 minutes cycling extremely slow on a stationary bicycle as I did not want to have the painful limb consequence due to being over-eager lol.

So what was the result?

Despite the unhealthy choices inbetween, I still managed to lose two kilograms on the scale and 20.5cm in total which I think is great considering all the cheating. I believe that week two will most probably go a lot better as the whole craving phase will hopefully have passed to a great degree. I don’t think temptation ever leaves though lol.




Try soothing your sweet craving with fruit or try my fruit smoothie recipe that will be coming up instead of turning to cake or chocolate.


Until next time, keep going banters! We can do this ūüôā


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