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If you have started following my blog from www.Icanlearnhowto.com, you will know that I have been on and off the banting wagon atleast ten times! This time I am doing things a wee bit differently and it is actually helping, yippeeee! I must admit that this was not intentional, but I am glad that it happened. I have heard of it for years but just did not do it for some reason. I guess our bodies are a personal thing you know and it makes us really vulnerable to put ourselves out to someone else. Yes, someone else. I found myself an accountability partner or rather, she found me lol and it is freaken awesome!

So What Is An Accountability Partner And How Does It Work?

An accountability partner is someone who has a very similar vision and goal and keeps you accountable to that goal. In this instance, we both want to lose weight, eat healthier and feel a lot more energetic. So what needs to happen is this. Each partner has to let the other one know what their current status is (current weight) and what they are aiming for (goal weight) and over what time frame (eg. 12 weeks). You also need to decide on a day atleast once a week, to check in with one another (accountability) and see how the other is progressing. Your responsibility as an accountability partner is also to be helpful and supportive and to motivate each other. Have fun with it as well, below are some great ideas.


Fun Things To Do With Your Accountability Partner

  • Do confession sessions.
  • Share before and in progress photos.
  • Mini challenges.
  • Exercise or go for a walk / run together.
  • Go for a hike and have a picnic afterwards and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  • Share recipe ideas.
  • Discuss how you are suffering and what is working for the next one.
  • Rewards for milestones reached eg. Treat eachother to a pedicure or a new outfit. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, something small is fine too as long as you celebrate your milestone.


fun things to do with an accountability partner


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