The Banting Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With Just One Step


Hello all of you beautiful people! Today I would like to chat about the start of the banting journey. If I think back about myself, I think about how I used to observe the people around me starting this lifestyle, melting all their fat away, looking absolutely stunning and I would still be on the side “observing”.

Intending to lose weight, does not help you lose weight. Watching others lose weight, does not make you lose weight either! So where do we start? How do we take that first step? For some of us, it seems very overwhelming to jump in and make so many major adjustments. I would like to encourage you to start, even if that means taking baby steps. One small step in the right direction, is still a step forward. I have put together a little video (coming soon!) which I sincerely hope will be helpful  for you to make some minor adjustments to get the ball rolling. Once you have managed to incorporate these small changes into your diet, take it one step further and then another and you will be well on your way to great health, energy and a stunning figure. Please be patient with yourself and enjoy every moment of this journey.

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