Hello Banting Beauties!

Today we are making a creamy homemade banting mayonnaise. I love putting mayonnaise onto so many things that it would be almost impossible for me to live without. The nice thing about making your own mayonnaise, is that you can also tweak it to suit your taste. You can do this by experimenting with different flavour combinations. A few ideas are ground black pepper, paprika, garlic and herb etc.

Ingredients :

1 egg (room temperature)

2 tblsp apple cider vinegar

1 tblsp lemon juice

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 cup of lightly flavoured olive oil (or substitute ½ cup of olive oil with either ½ cup of avocado oil / ½ cup of coconut oil).

A pinch of Himalayan salt (to taste)

2 tsp xylitol (to taste)


  1. Place all ingredients into a beaker.
  2. Using a stick blender, blend all the ingredients together for approximately 1 minute.

NB. Ensure that the stick blender is not lifted during the first 30 seconds or so or until the mixture becomes creamy at the bottom. Once this is done, you can move the stick blender up and down to incorporate the ingredients.

I really hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. Give it a try and let me have your thoughts? If you made a different version, please feel free to share so that we can all benefit from each other. I love having you here and I would love to hear from you! xx